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  • Welcome to my new instructional site!

    Are you interested in taking your bass playing to the next level?

What's the Art of Groove? 2
  • What's Included

    What's Included

What's Included? 3
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What's The Cost? 5
  • What's The Cost?

    OPTION 1: Downloads!

    ONLY $1.99 - $4.99 per lesson

    Average clip approx. 12 minutes

    Choice of Standard or High-Quality
    video formats

    Lessons covering Norm's
    Pondering the Sushi and
    Tea In The Typhoon CDs

    Excerpts* from Grooving for Heaven instructional DVDs

    *Full program downloads also available!

    OPTION 2: Subscribe! Best Value

    ONLY $9.99 per month

    > UNLIMITED streaming access!
    > Lessons covering both Norm Stockton’s and Lincoln Brewster’s tunes
    > 60-lesson Groove Course
    > Excerpts* from Grooving for Heaven instructional DVDs
    > 25% OFF all downloads
    > 25% OFF at NormStockton.com
    > Quarterly LIVE interactive online events
    > Quarterly giveaways from sponsors
    > Ad FREE

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    "The ArtOfGroove site is so amazing! I’m living in the woodshed."

    Phil S. (Grand Rapids, MI)

    "I've been a subscriber for the past few days. I feel it made me a better bass player already."

    Pawel R. (via email)

    New content added regularly...more on the way!
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    "With my hectic work schedule, this will be very helpful to me."

    Jim K. (Portland, OR)

    "The ArtofGroove is loaded with awesomeness!"

    Patrick J. (via Facebook)

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    "Wow! You really knocked it out of the park with your new website; PHENOMENAL!"

    Doug M. (Oklahoma City, OK)

    "God bless you for putting up this cost effective learning resource."

    Emmanuel S. (via Facebook)

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    "The Art of Groove; very good job!"

    Marco D. (Rome, IT)

    "Awesome! I am already a subscriber & love it! You have outdone yourself."

    John F. (London, KY)

    80+ detailed video clips...with many more on the way!
    An average of 12 minutes of teaching per clip.

    "Really enjoying the site! Trying to learn the Jesu tune."

    Harold R. (London, UK)

    "Loving the new bass site. THANKS SO MUCH!"

    Benjy S. (via Facebook)

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    "I am now officially an ArtOfGroove.com subscriber. Great material!"

    J-C B. (Vista, CA)

    "I just subscribed; great instructional content at an affordable price. Check it out and see for yourself!"

    Takashi K. (Irvine, CA)

    "Your website is kicking my butt! Highly recommended!"

    Cameron B. (via Facebook)

Online Video Bass Instruction with Norm Stockton at ArtOfGroove!

Welcome to ArtOfGroove, my bass instructional site! Hours of bass lessons in HD video, a 60-lesson groove course, beginning bass series, interviews and much more!


Whether beginner or pro: proven curriculum - incredible convenience - unbelievable price!


I hope you'll join the many bassists from around the globe who've discovered the best value in bass education...and study with me at ArtOfGroove!


Blessings- Norm

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