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Groove Course (Level 3) Preface

Thank you for joining me for The Art of Groove, Level 3.

This course will explore a broad range of musical styles, with a focus upon the idioms (rhythmic, harmonic and/or sonic) that characterize them. Additionally, we will work on refining our grooves through the application of various phrasing ideas. It is my goal that you would emerge from this class having a foundational working knowledge of these genres, as well as being inspired to further explore the vast spectrum of other rich and diverse musical traditions.

I am a firm advocate of learning by focusing on one or several specific elements or concepts, then drilling & reinforcing them repetitively until they are completely assimilated. Most everything we cover will be building upon the previously-discussed topics or lessons, so it will be hugely beneficial for you to reinforce each lesson in a deliberate and repetitive manner each day. Your progress and overall understanding will be significantly enhanced if you can commit to making that effort.

I hope you find these lessons beneficial for your development as a well-rounded bassist!


Norm Stockton

Note: Some of the musical examples were created using presets from the Roland PMA-5: please use your imagination if particular examples sound a bit dated...they sounded very current when they were created! :^)

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