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Groove Course: Level 3

This course explores a broad range of musical styles, with a focus upon the idioms (rhythmic, harmonic and/or sonic) that characterize them. Additionally, various phrasing concepts for refining a bassist’s grooving and overall “emotive communication” will be covered. It is my goal that you would emerge from this class having a foundational working knowledge of these genres, as well as being inspired to further explore the vast spectrum of other rich and diverse musical traditions.

Recommended for the intermediate to experienced bassist seeking to broaden and refine their grooving abilities and ability to speak with their instrument.


Lesson 1: Introduction to Genre Studies / Rock, Part 1

Lesson 2: Introduction to Genre Studies / Rock, Part 2

Lesson 3: Funk (Part 1: Fingerstyle 16th-Note Feel)

Lesson 4: Funk (Part 2: Old Skool Fingerstyle)

Lesson 5: Funk (Part 3: Slap)

Lesson 6: Country

Lesson 8: Jazz

Lesson 9: Latin (Part 1: Tumbao)

Lesson 10: Latin (Part 2: Samba)

Lesson 11: Hip-Hop

Lesson 12: House

Lesson 13: R & B (Part 1: Motown-esque)

Lesson 14: R & B (Part 2: Contemporary Ballad)

Lesson 15: Ska

Lesson 16: West African & South African

Lesson 17: Contemporary Gospel

Lesson 18: Combining Genres

Lesson 19: Refining the Groove (Phrasing / “The Spice”)

Lesson 20: Groove Review

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