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Groove Course: Level 2

This course builds upon the material covered in The Art of Groove Level 1, exploring a comprehensive range of topics pertinent to effectively function in a rhythm section. These include: concept/approach, ear training/rhythmic analysis, developing a rhythmic & harmonic vocabulary for grooving, variations/fills, metronome studies, and a number of feel considerations (tempo vs. feel, playing on top vs. laying back, etc.) that can be considered the “critical subtleties”.

Recommended for the beginning (if already familiar with basic theory and technique) and/or intermediate bassist seeking to broaden and refine their grooving abilities.


Lesson 1: Groove Overview (Level 2)

Lesson 2: Groove Concept

Lesson 3: Developing Your Ear (Rhythmic Analysis, Part 1)

Lesson 4: Developing Your Ear (Rhythmic Analysis, Part 2)

Lesson 5: Meat & Potatoes Groove Intervals (Part 1)

Lesson 6: Meat & Potatoes Groove Intervals (Part 2)

Lesson 7: Groove Approaches (Part 1 - Effective Simplicity)

Lesson 8: Groove Approaches (Part 2 - Varying Note Duration)

Lesson 9: Groove Approaches (Part 3 - Eighth-Note Pulse)

Lesson 10: Groove Approaches (Part 4 - Ostinato & Riff-Oriented)

Lesson 11: Groove Approaches (Part 5 - Basic Slap)

Lesson 12: Variations/Fills

Lesson 13: Developing Your Groove Abilities, Part 1 (Metronome Studies)

Lesson 14: Developing Your Groove Abilities, Part 2 (Musical Feels, Part 1)

Lesson 16: Developing Your Groove Abilities, Part 4 (Musical Feels, Part 3 - Tempo vs. Feel / Playing “On Top”)

Lesson 17: Developing Your Groove Abilities, Part 5 (Musical Feels, Part 4 - “Laying Back”)

Lesson 18: Developing Your Groove Abilities, Part 6 (Musical Feels, Part 5 - “Spot On”)

Lesson 19: Pondering the Groove

Lesson 20: Evaluating Your Groove Foundation (Level 2)

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