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We are elated to have finally launched, and are even more excited (and profoundly grateful) to include you among our earliest visitors!

Please check back regularly at Groove News to get word on new content and other helpful information.

Subscribers: please remember to regularly check The Subscribers Studio (link in menu to left) for exclusive info & announcements (live online events, discount codes, giveaways, etc.).

Thanks again from all of us at the Art Of Groove; I hope you find the material helpful in your ongoing musical development!

Norm & the team


P.S. While this site has been built on solid & proven components, we still might encounter a few hiccups during the initial stages as the infrastructure is finally under full load. Please accept my personal apologies in advance for any technical challenges you might encounter within the immediate period following the launch, as well as my assurance that we'll make it right. Thanks again for your interest, grace & understanding!

P.P.S. New content is already in the pipeline and will be added regularly! Have fun woodshedding! :^)

P.P.P.S. Speaking of which, please always feel free to contact us (link in top bar) if you have suggestions for upcoming material. The most popular requests might get pushed up in the production line! :^)

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