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New Clips (LB Tune & Typhoon Sessions!)

Announcing the following brand new content (3 new clips)!

"You Are Good" from Lincoln Brewster's All To You...Live CD


two more installments in the "Typhoon Sessions", a collection of behind-the-scenes footage from the making of Norm Stockton's Tea In The Typhoon CD! The latest clips feature horn/woodwind overdubs, as well as the renowned Michael Manring tracking fretless bass in his home studio in Oakland, CA.


The bad news: the Lincoln Brewster tune clips (as with all of the LB clips on this site) are only available to subscribers as streaming content per our licensing arrangement with his record label.  And the Typhoon Sessions are also exclusively available to our subscribers.

The FANTASTIC news: to view all of the new content (and the rest of the tons of subscriber-exclusive material on this site!), just take a moment to subscribe - it's the best deal going in music education and only takes a few minutes!


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