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Congratulations to Giveaway Winners!

Very excited to announce the following winners for the 1st-ever ArtOfGroove quarterly giveaways!

3rd Prize - Philippe C. (San Marcos, CA)

Autographed copy of Tea In The Typhoon!


2nd Prize - Michael S. (Philadelphia, PA)

Autographed copy of Tea In The Typhoon

and a brown "Japanese Bass" t-shirt!




1st Prize - Daniel Jensen (Seattle, WA)

Doesn't have Skype, so opted for merch over the 30-minute lesson!

Won a signed copy of Grooving for Heaven, Volume 3 DVD,

Grooving Chart Book and green "Japanese Bass" t-shirt!


The winners were randomly selected from active subscribers using RANDOM.ORG.

Watch for upcoming giveaways featuring fun swag from our sponsors, including MTD, GK, GruvGear, Aguilar and more!

Be sure to subscribe asap, both for your chance to win AND to invest in your groove! :^)


Norm & the ArtOfGroove team


P.S. New content to be added next week! Stay tuned! :^)

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