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Groove Bassics


Welcome to Groove Bassics, a crash course for new bass players (or those just wanting a review of the fundamentals)! 

By popular demand, Norm has created an accelerated course intended to get those just starting out on the instrument up and playing actual grooves in the shortest possible timeframe!

At the completion of this course, bassists will be equipped to confidently proceed with the 60-Lesson Groove Course and/or Volume 1 of the Grooving for Heaven DVDs.

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  • Intro

    Welcome to Groove Bassics!

  • Tuning

    Tuning the bass by ear, using either fretted notes or harmonics.

  • Bass Terminology

    Common terms used to identify the various parts of the bass guitar.

  • Warm-Ups

    Norm shares his warm-up stretches to help avoid tendonitis & other playing-related injuries.

  • Technique

    Basic technique overview.

  • Fretboard Memorization

    Gain familiarity with the layout of the notes on the fingerboard.

  • Role of the Bass

    Essential overview of the bassist's role in a rhythm section.

  • Ear Training

    Learn to hear & identify beat placement within a drum groove, an absolutely critical skill for effective grooving.

  • Drum Groove A

    A variety of bass lines that can be played over a simple 8th-note drum groove.

  • Drum Groove B

    Driving 8th-note bass line over a more aggressive 8th-note drum groove.

  • Drum Groove C

    More bass grooves that can be played over a more syncopated 8th-note drum groove.

  • Drum Groove D

    Funkier 2-bar bass groove.

  • Drum Groove E

    Different bass line approaches to a driving & aggressive drum groove.

  • Drum Groove F

    Funky bass line for shuffled drum groove.

  • Emoting (Phrasing)

    Using phrasing to help make the bass groove "talk"!

  • Practice Time

    Exercises to help develop rhythmic solidity.

  • Gear Talk

    Overview of Norm's basses and recommendations related to gear (amps, effects, etc.).

  • Closing

    Congratulations - let's get ready to groove!

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