Is the lesson material streaming or download?

Lots of content is available in either format, so it’s up to your preferences. However, please note that a substantial amount of the material is available exclusively to subscribers (streaming and online content).

Am I better off purchasing downloads or subscribing?

It really does depend upon what material you’re interested in. Download content is limited to Norm’s music and excerpts from the Grooving DVDs (Lincoln Brewster clips are "streaming only" per our licensing arrangement with his record label).

Subscribing is definitely the best deal, as it allows access to the entire library of clips, as well as the 60-Lesson Groove Course, discounts on any clips you’d like to download (and keep for permanent viewing), discounts at NormStockton.com and much more.

If you do subscribe, be sure to regularly check The Subscribers Studio (under Groove News)...

What is the pricing?

You’re welcome to purchase & download individual clips, subscribe to the entire catalog, or both (subscribers get discounts on downloads – see below).

Downloads range from $1.99 - $4.99 per lesson, with clips averaging approx. 12 minutes each. Downloadable clips include:

Tunes from Norm Stockton’s Pondering the Sushi and Tea In The Typhoon CDs

Excerpts from 4-Volume Grooving for Heaven instructional DVDs

Subscribing for $9.99/month is the best value, providing unlimited streaming access to the entire catalog including:

Tunes from Norm Stockton’s Pondering the Sushi and Tea In The Typhoon CDs

Songs from Lincoln Brewster *

Excerpts from 4-Volume Grooving for Heaven instructional DVDs

60-lesson Groove Course *

25% discounts for download clips *

25% discounts at the NormStockton.com store *

Quarterly LIVE interactive online events *

Quarterly giveaways from sponsors *

Ad Free *

* - Available only to subscribers!

How do I subscribe?

Subscribing is quick & secure...and easy as 1-2-3!

1. Click on the Subscribe button above and fill out the form.

2. Accept the "Terms of Use", then hit the red “Subscribe” button at the bottom of the form.

3. Finish checkout with PayPal (subscribers will need to set up a PayPal account if they don't already have one). Note: PayPal handles all financial transactions securely and safely.

You will receive confirmation emails with your account login information and receipts.

Once subscribed, be sure to regularly check The Subscribers Studio (under Groove News)...

You may cancel your subscription at any time (although WHY would you ever want to?) by logging in at ArtOfGroove.com and going to the "My Account" link, or through your PayPal account directly.

Once I subscribe, how do I get the 25% discount on downloads and at NormStockton.com?

Subscribers simply login to ArtofGroove.com and a special coupon code will be displayed in the top-right of this site. Use this coupon code during check out at NormStockton.com and you will receive your discount. For downloads, subscribers will find "Buy Now" buttons reflecting the 25% discount immediately below the streaming player for that clip.

Note: The code will rotate, so make sure you login and use the currently displayed code.

P.S. As a subscriber, don't forget to regularly check The Subscribers Studio (under Groove News)!

Are the streaming video and audio clips compatible with my iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.?

Absolutely! Our streaming player automatically detects the platform and connection speed and streams the optimal format for you. If your connection speed accommodates it, the video will stream in HD quality.

What format are the downloadable video clips?

For downloads, our clips are in the MP4 format (H.264 codec). This format looks fantastic and is considered to be the most widely compatible for online delivery.

For more info, please see What’s the difference between standard-quality & high-quality downloads?

What’s the difference between standard-quality & high-quality downloads?

Video files are inherently large files; it can take a lot of data to convey moving images with clarity & crispness. Depending upon the speed of a user's internet connection, downloading larger file sizes can become a challenge.

While our MP4 files are compressed and surprisingly small relative to the high video quality, the following formats* are provided for your convenience:

STANDARD QUALITY (640 x 360): compressed more, resulting in smaller file sizes but somewhat reduced video quality.
HIGH QUALITY (1280 x 720): compressed less, resulting in better video quality but larger file sizes.

Short sample clips of each format (3-9 MB's in size) are downloadable by clicking on any song title under "Norm Stockton Tunes" (Streaming Videos and Downloads tab), then clicking the Sample Downloads thumbnail (upper-right margin of page).

Audio quality is identical between the two versions. Either version is available at the same low price. File sizes are listed with all downloads.

The above applies to downloads only. Our streaming player automatically streams the highest quality format after detecting your connection speed and viewing platform.

* Grooving for Heaven clips are 720 x 480.

Why does the file size of my downloaded clip not match what the site specified?

From what our tech folks tell us, both hard drive format and differences between various platforms and operating systems in the algorithms used for calculating file size can result in minor deviations.

Suffice it to say that the specified file size on our site is provided just to give you an approximate idea, and minor discrepancies aren’t a cause for concern as long as the file opens and plays properly.

May I share these clips with my friends?

As we’ve made every effort to produce the highest-quality material for the absolute lowest pricing ($1.99-$4.99 each!), we respectfully ask that any interested friends drop by The Art Of Groove for themselves. :^) Thank you for your support, as it allows us to continue bringing you additional material on an ongoing basis!

I’m new to the bass; where should I start?

The new "Groove Bassics" series (Streaming Videos and Downloads tab) is the perfect place to start; it's a crash course for new bassists & gets you playing actual bass grooves in no time!

Upon completion of Groove Bassics, you'll be ready to dive into Level 1 of the Groove Course and/or Grooving for Heaven, Vol. 1 (also under "Streaming Videos and Downloads” section). Additionally, many of the Lincoln Brewster tunes (especially Majestic, Love the Lord or Today Is The Day) are very well-suited for beginners.

There’s certainly plenty of material on the site targeted toward more experienced players (particularly in the “Norm Stockton Tunes” section), but you might even find it fun and inspiring to mix in a bit of that stuff while working on the foundational coursework, too.

Otherwise, the vast majority of material on the site is categorized as “All Levels”, so feel free to jump in and explore!

I'm a 4-string player...will I be able to learn from this material?


All of Norm's instructional DVDs and teaching curriculum produced since 1999 have been on the 5-string (not just because he plays one, but it also splits the difference between the 4 and the consistently popular 6). A substantial portion of the many thousands of videos we've sold over the years have been to 4-string players, and we've received fewer than 5 complaints.

Norm spends time in many of his examples explaining how to adapt the exercise to a 4-string (usually simply by ignoring his low B string and picturing his bass just like yours). We're confident you'll be able to quickly adapt.

I don’t have a PayPal account; can I still purchase downloads or subscribe?

For downloads, you don't need a PayPal account. We accept all major credit cards; however, all of our sales are processed securely through PayPal. You must click the PayPal checkout button on your cart to complete your purchase whether or not you have an account. You can then either sign-in to your PayPal account or just click "Don't have a PayPal account?" to pay with your credit or debit card.

For subscriptions, you will need to sign up with PayPal because our monthly membership is securely handled through them (no worries; set-up is quick, secure and easy!). At any time, you may cancel your subscription through ArtOfGroove.com (login and go to "My Account") or through your PayPal account directly.

Why can I only purchase one download per PayPal transaction?<

We’re really sorry for the inconvenience, and this is a functionality that we’re hoping to add soon. The candid answer is that, for a variety of reasons, it was proving to be a complicated, time-consuming and expensive endeavor to create a dedicated shopping cart for ArtOfGroove.com (as there is with NormStockton.com) without substantially delaying our launch.

Watch for one in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future! Thanks for your understanding…

What's the difference between the Grooving for Heaven DVDs and the 60-lesson Groove Course?

Great question! Much of the core material between the DVDs and online Groove Course is similar, with the following notable exceptions:

** The Modes and their application are covered in considerably more detail in the Level 1 Groove Course;

** A quick (but fairly intensive) tutorial in navigating a basic rhythm chart is also included in the Level 1 course;

** Musical Styles are covered much more comprehensively in the Level 3 course;

** Most of the audio examples from the Groove Course were produced several years after the last Grooving for Heaven production, so might sound a bit more contemporary.

The DVDs remain a great resource (almost 7 hours of material) with Norm demonstrating the various concepts, exercises and examples. The format is obviously very visual (much more so than the 60-lesson Groove Course), with lots of close-up fingerboard shots, etc.

It largely boils down to your learning style. The great news is that as a subscriber, you have access to it all!

Norm...please explain that sweater vest in Volume 1...

In my defense, they were in style when that shoot took place back in 1998! :^)

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